Get2Grips with Grants – Progress

We’re now 3 months into our time on Entrepreneurial Spark’s Programme of Accelerated Growth. Looking back over the short time, we are incredibly proud of our progress, and excited at the prospect of where we are going.

A lot has happened for us here at Get2Grips with Grants over the last three months since joining Entrepreneurial Spark – Programme of Accelerated Growth. We have taken up residence at their West Coast ‘Hatchery’ here in Dundonald under the sponsorship of Sir Tom Hunter, RBS and each of the Ayrshire Councils. It is incredible how much the business has grown – and continuing to grow!

During the process we have made many new friends, thanks to events the Espark team put on for us. We have also had the pleasure of meeting some really inspirational people and took leaning from industry professionals who offer their knowledge to us through Espark’s mentoring programme.

Our business has become a Private Limited Company – ‘Get2Grips with Grants Ltd’. We’ve also extended our team to a strong four, welcoming our newest recruit Amber Beveridge a marketing graduate, as Get2Grips with Grants Sales and Marketing Assistant.
We are now looking after the funding needs of six new exciting clients, from throughout Scotland. And sourced and secured an additional £135,000 for our clients, with decisions pending on a further £177,000 worth of grant applications!
And all of this in only 3 months – Watch this space!